Independence Energy Connection

Independence Energy Connection

Transource® is developing the Independence Energy Connection project, a new electric transmission development to increase consumer access to more affordable power. The electric transmission project will be built in two segments, East and West, totaling approximately 40 miles of transmission line in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The project also includes construction of two substations in Pennsylvania and upgrading two existing substations in Maryland.

PJM Interconnection, an independent transmission organization, designated this project as critical to provide millions of customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic access to more affordable power. PJM is responsible for the reliability of the transmission grid serving a 13-state region, which includes Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Transource is in the initial planning stages of the Independence Energy Connection project and is currently reviewing routing options in study areas that cross the Pennsylvania – Maryland state line. The map, at right, shows the general study areas for east and west portions of the project. The study areas include two existing substations in Maryland and two potential substation locations in Pennsylvania.

Visit the Independence Energy Connection site for more information.

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