Sibley - Nebraska City

Nebraska City – Mullin Creek – Sibley 345kV Transmission Line & Station

The Sibley-Nebraska City Project is a single-circuit 345-kV electric transmission line in southeast Nebraska and northwest Missouri, extending 181 miles from Omaha Public Power District’s (“OPPD”) Nebraska City station at the Nebraska City Generating Station to a new intermediate Mullin Creek 345-kV station near Maryville, Missouri and continuing on to the existing 345-kV Sibley Generating Station at Sibley, Missouri. The new 345-kV station at Maryville includes reactive resources to provide voltage control and an interconnection point for new renewable generation resources.

Transource Missouri owns and operates the 136.17 mile Missouri portion of the project, including the Mullin Creek station. OPPD owns and operates the Nebraska portion of the project, approximately 45 miles.

The Sibley-Nebraska City Project was identified by SPP as a Priority Project. These projects were developed to provide benefits to the regional electricity grid by delivering reduced production costs, increased reliability, lower required reserve margins, deferring reliability upgrades and providing environmental benefits due to more efficient operation of assets and greater utilization of renewable resources.

The Sibley-Nebraska City project during construction.