New Technologies

New Technologies

Transource® customers benefit from the members' more than 100-years of innovative transmission engineering, design and continuing industry innovation through all types of terrain.

Highly capable and experienced in-house engineering allows Transource to consistently deliver high-quality results and advanced technical innovations that both improve the transmission system and add value for customers.

AEP currently employs nearly 450 professionals in its line, station, and protection and control engineering organizations. Best-in-industry skills have been developed over a 100+ year history of siting, designing, constructing, and operating over 40,000 miles of transmission lines and over 4,000 stations. From mountains to deserts and in all types of weather, our teams have adapted or developed technologies to best fit the terrain.

In addition, as part of its current business practice, AEP has established partnerships with third-party engineering consultants who are trained in the appropriate application of AEP specifications and standards. If the work is performed by external consultants, AEP has extensive experience in providing oversight and is one of the few companies with the breadth and depth to effectively oversee all types of transmission siting, permitting, design and construction completed by outside firms.

Since energizing the first long-distance transmission line, connecting a mine-mouth power plant with a major load center in 1917, AEP has continued to be an innovator in the industry. AEP has multiple existing or pending patents for technologies developed throughout its history.

By leveraging proven new concepts, best-in-industry technologies and advanced design, Transource minimizes the costs and maximizes the customer benefits of new transmission facilities.